Hillsdale Cassette Bouncing Sessions
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Got my first synthesizer, the Casio CZ-1000. "Multi-track" recording by bouncing between two AKAI cassette decks, adding something new each time. This meant that each take had to be performed from beginning to end. Often playing a bass line with one hand, snare drum with the other, while singing a backup vocal, all in one take. To mask the tremendous tape hiss, I employed Dolby C noise reduction, then added spring reverb to liven it back up. The cassette decks ran at slightly different speeds, so I'd be constantly re-tuning instruments to the track. Got a Korg SDD-2000 digital delay, which could capture and loop a four second lo-fi sample. I used this to make drum loops and home-made sounds which could be triggered/played across the Casio's keyboard via MIDI. *A few songs were made using a borrowed Tascam 4 track cassette recorder*.  I used a small Sunn mixer with spring reverb. Hillsdale, NJ